Selfish: A Reflexion On Khmer Mentality

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I imagine that it would be perfect if in Cambodia there’s no robbery, or murder or betrayal but love and respect. And people care for each others like brothers. I declared all in my poem “Phnom Penh In My Dream” that I wrote in 2008.

Today I want to raise a question to all Cambodian people around the world: Do we care enough for each other?

Do we care that our action could cause any trouble to the third person?

I am very sad when I read “River Of Time” on the page that Jon Swain mentioned:

Even today, after years of suffering, the Cambodians do not have a strong sense of caring for their fellow men.

This could tell very true about the Cambodian mentality.

People are just living for themselves. They don’t care for others. They do everything to get money in their pocket. That’s it. I gave a very simple example to the public health service and private clinic. They just want to make everything possible to get money from the patients. They don’t really care about saving life or treat the patients.

It’s possible that you arrive at the clinic and the doctor didn’t ask much about how you feel or your critical situation, whether you decide to stay a night or inject few medical.

It happened like this and no one take action seriously about it. It’s now become a normal situation. You need to find by yourself the good place you might known or recommended by friends.

It’s concerned to everybody, each individual need to think that they can get involved and make a change.

I hope to see improvement in health public service very soon because this is very important.

It is difficult in mind not to talk about traffic jam everywhere. This is caused by people that don’t respect the priority on the route. They just want to go first and don’t care if hundred people are stuck behind them. They didn’t see. They didn’t think.

When there’s accident down the street, they don’t take care of the victim but steal all the value items from the victim. This is an unacceptable action that people need to have in mind.

Some of police traffic hit the motor driver and one time I saw an accident by my own eyes, a women felt down after the police hit. This is wrong. This is not a correct way to make people respect the traffic law. They did it everywhere on purpose to get money. And no one take action against this yet. Not yet.

They should have a motor with high speed ready to drive follow the runner until they stop. This is not hard to change. But in stead they hide behind the tree to catch the innocent people that sometime didn’t realize any mistake.

In short team, a lot of people are still selfish. We should start to think about other people. We live in this world where we share a lot of things together.

There are many other things that I want to say but maybe I reserve it for another day.

Do you have also recently something to complain about Cambodia mentality?


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