French beggar in Kampong Som [-Couldn't the French embassy help him better?]

Jel, a French citizen, was seen carrying his child while begging in front of Wat Krom in Preah Sihanouk city on Pchum Ben day

Preah Sihanouk: A strange event is taking place during the Pchum Ben season in Preah Sihanouk city whereby a Frenchman carrying two young children can be seen begging for alms along pagodas in Preah Sihanouk city during the Pchum Ben day.

Regarding the desperate situation of this foreigner, several Khmer witnesses who live near this Frenchman’s house indicated that he was married to a Cambodian sex worker woman. His wife allegedly used up all his money, then she left him for another man to indulge in drug and gambling and she left behind her two small children to the care of her husband.

One of the witnesses added that the Frenchman is named Jel(?), he is about 46-year-old and he came to live in Kampong Som about 5 years already. When he arrived, he fell for a Cambodian sex worker and he decided to marry her. The couple had a daughter named Marie who is now 3-year old. At the birth of his first daughter, Jel rented a house to open a shop for his wife, but she was uncaring and she spent all the money on drug and gambling until she lost everything. Later on, they had another daughter named Sophie who is now 1-year-old. As he no longer had a mean to feed his family, Jel went to work as a cook at a restaurant owned by his friend. While working, Jel left the children to his wife’s care, but instead of looking after the children, she found herself another man and indulged herself to drug and gambling instead. Because he saw his children hungry almost every day, Jel decided to stop working as a cook and he stayed home with the children instead. To provide for them, he decided to beg for alms.

Cops from the 3rd district confirmed that this Frenchman lives near the train station in Preah Sihanouk city. The cops added that the French embassy came to visit him twice already to ask him to return back to France, but Jel refused to leave unless his two daughters are allowed to go with him.


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