Vea Ja Dongraek

Dear all readers, I am so sorry to hear about the Ki-media site going to block by the government of Cambodia. I know we all try to express what is the real in Cambodia and we want to help our nation. I, myself always read the news in Ki-Media and also try to find some news to post in my site and pass it to everyone.

Even, I can't help our people much enough but I will do my best. I do post the news alone besides my study. Sometimes it takes me to long to update the news that's why there is a few people come across in my site. Right now I need the friends to help me in posting the news. As son of the Angkor empire I can't stand for what they doing now. Many people lost their land, corruption, illegal migration of Vietnamese and so on. In recently, they do ignore about the border even many people cry out that Vietnamese take over the Cambodia land. If what the Vietnamese did is right why they do not allow the Cambodian people come and see that place. Any way, when there is the protesting in any case the government always let the police as well as the soldiers come to split out the crowd. When the people face the problem such as grabbing land, and especially the invading of Vietnamese"Where are the polices and the soldiers?"


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